Regular feedback

As part of our MILEB (Employee Performance Assessment) discussions, goals are discussed and the respective current achievement of goals is openly discussed. Our standardized and transparent process guarantees everyone in the company, from the beginner to the executive, a regular and structured dialogue on personal advancement, including compensation, career planning and special benefits.


We offer the possibility of leasing tax-privileged bicycles and e-bikes for private use.


At our Kahley 10-18 location, we offer a small dining area and terrace with subsidized quality food.

Retirement plans

We offer the possibility to make provision for your retirement as part of the tax-privileged salary conversion.

Ongoing learning

We attach great importance to professional development, whether in internal seminars or personally selected external training.

Health benefits


We not only promote occupational safety but also a healthy way of working and living. Our company doctor is also always available as a contact person.

Discounted shopping

With access to the leading portal for exclusive employee offerings, our employees can conveniently buy for themselves privately.

Cell phones / company cars

Depending on the area of responsibility there is the possibility to get cell phones and cars for professional and private use. Personal preferences are taken into account in the model selection, if possible and applicable.