Foundries and steel plant

We obtain our scrap directly from our nearby collecting points. Due to generally long-standing partnerships with our collecting points, we know exactly what manufacturing wastes we can expect. Strict reception checks with mobile X-ray fluorescence analysers, and in some cases with our stationary spectral analyser, enable us to exclude undesirable mixtures with the greatest possible certainty.

Rail car or lorry

You determine the transport vehicle you prefer. Our scrapyard is located between a federal highway and our own railway tracks. That gives us optimal logistical advantages.

Our scrapyard

Our large premises have enough space to sort scrap into suitably small lots and prepare individual consignments for you. We have storage areas in completely closed halls, halls with side openings, and open-air sites. We handle the scrap according to client specifications and legal permit requirements.

Certifications / supplier management

We are certified as waste disposal specialists and according to the ISO 9001 management system. Our corporate environmental technology division also has many further environmental and occupational safety certificates such as SCC P and our qualification as a specialist company in terms of water laws.

We base our own procurement on appropriate supplier management and ensure 100% compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Reliable price policy

Since we have partnerships of many years’ standing with our collecting points, we strive to maintain the same kind of relationships with our customers. Transparent, sustainable business practices are our first priority. We therefore guarantee you an appropriately reliable price policy.


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