Brockhaus Umwelt

Mobile wastewater treatment

To purify highly polluted industrial and municipal wastewater, BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT offers the particularly flexible and economical quick-change system (BROCKHAUS QCS). The system components can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.
Based on an analysis of the polluted product stream, our qualified staff determines the ideal type or mixture of activated carbon for the fixed bed of the mobile filter system. Our filters are the best choice for hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfides (H2S) and mercury (Hg).

The main objective is to offer you the ideal solution in terms of cost-benefits. Maximum flexibility and the fastest possible availability are guaranteed by transport in specialised BROCKHAUS UMWELT vehicles. Assembly and disassembly require only a few steps and drip leakages are guaranteed not to occur. The normally mandatory provision of cranes can be dispensed with and personnel costs can be reduced.
Due the rapidity with which filter canisters can now be exchanged, there is no longer any need for an on-site suction tanker to vacuum-extract the activated-carbon bed filler. Emissions and costs can thus be reduced by, for example, eliminating the need to purify the air in suction tankers.
BROCKHAUS-QCS systems for mobile wastewater purification are distinguished by the following features:

  • Modular design for scaling the cleaning performance
  • Very short response times
  • Avoidance of emissions during replacement of the activated carbon filling
  • Minimisation of on-site personnel costs
  • Drip-proof quick coupling systems in the inlet and outlet of the adsorber
  • Stable filter star construction from 1.4571 material
  • Permissible operating pressure up to 6 bar
  • Max. permissible operating temperature: 95°C
  • High material durability
  • TÜV and ADR approval for transport by road
  • Inertisation equipment in case of need