RWTH Aachen 2019

Again in 2019, the annual report of the prestigious RWTH University of Aachen posts various research projects that involve measurements performed with BROCKHAUS devices, e.g:

– „DFG-Research Group FOR 1897 – Low-loss FeSi Sheet for Energy-efficient Electrical Drivers DFG projectnumber HA 255713208“ (p.34)
– „FVA 826 I: Processing of Electrical Steel Sheet by Chemical Etching Using Thin Foils to Increase the Efficiency of Electrical Machines (IGF/AIF 19958 BG/2)“ (p.35)
– „DFG-Priotity Programme -SPP 2013 Increase of Energy Efficiency by Utilization of Residual Stress in Electrical Steel, DFG projectnumber HA 4395/22-1“ (p.41)
– „Range Analysis of a Synchronous and Asynchronous Machine as Taction Drive Using Different Types of Sheet Material“ (p.44)
– „Study of the Effect of Targeted Material Choice on the Operational Characteristics of Induction Motors “ (p.45)
– „Solid State Transformer“ (p.54)
– „Propagation of Uncertainties Across Electromagnetic Models DFG projectnumber: HA-323896285“ (p.67)
– „Vector Hysteresis Modeling of Ferromagnetic Materials DFG projectnumber: HA-373150943“ (p.68)
– „Contribution to the Analysis of the Influence of Cut-Edges of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel to the Operation Behavior of Rotating Electrical Machines“ (p.77)
– „Master Thesis: Development of a two-dimensional magnetic scalar potential solver for simulation of electromagnetic fields“ (p.81)

We thank Prof. Hameyer and the institute for another year of successful cooperation and academic insight.

annual report of the prestigious RWTH University of Aachen