Testing stator quality is key for producing high-performing motors!

The Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) has written an article about the innovative German automotive industry, featuring our Stator Testers.

Have a look at the article: VDA Stator Tester

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The magnetic conductivity of stator and rotor packs is a decisive criterion for efficiency in electric drives for electromobility and strongly influences motor performance and range. Important parameters are watt loss, permeability and polarization.

Process-related influences can greatly change the quality of the electrical sheet grade used. For example, studies show that the grade-specific watt loss may well double over the individual process steps from “coil to stator”.

This can ultimately lead to e-drives not achieving the required key figures in the “end-of-line test”.

BROCKHAUS Measurements has developed test systems and sensors with which the magnetic properties can be measured quickly and reliably in each production step of stamp-packaged stators and rotors.

In this way, qualitative specifications can be checked at any time, possible defective products can be ruled out, and the desired high quality standard can be assured.

In addition to the classic back-circuit measurement, the magnetic behavior in the stator teeth can also be measured and a 100% inspection of finished stators can be carried out.