We define ourselves in our Recycling division as partners of the local metalworking industry and suppliers of long-established reliability to foundries and steel plants. We focus on cost-efficiently disposing of new scrap (manufacturing wastes) from nearby producers and optimally marketing it directly to end-users (foundries or steel plants). Our strategic focus therefore does not include wholesaling (trading) or old scrap dealership.

This clear strategy, accompanied by continuous investments, has enabled us to gain a leading position in our local scrap market.

Our modern scrapyard in Plettenberg, approved under the Federal Emission Control Act (BImschG), is located between Federal Highway B236 and our own railway spur. That gives us optimal logistical opportunities for cost-optimised material handling.  

We are certified both as a specialist disposal Company and as practicians of the ISO 9001 management system. Moreover, our corporate Environmental Technology division has many further certificates relating to environmental protection and occupational safety, such as SCC P and our qualification as a specialist company in terms of water laws. We complement our certificates by maintaining a corresponding corporate culture and ensure

  • professionally correct storage on our scrapyard, which is approved under the Federal Emission Control Act
  • an always very modern vehicle fleet
  • continuously maintained container systems
  • trained and responsible personnel with long company employment records
  • constant top marks in our quality management and customer audits.

Containerservice BImschG

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