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Mine gas extraction

BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT‘s mine gas units contribute to safety and productivity in active mines. But it is also possible to siphon large quantities of methane gas from de-commissioned mines, which can then power cogeneration plants if the methane levels are high enough.

Our Products

Mine gas extraction units with rotary compressors
Mine gas extraction units with rotary compressors are ideally designed to cope with mine gas extraction conditions and downstream mine gas processing.

BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT builds extraction units with rotary compressors in containers, which allows for flexible adaptation to site conditions. Mobile extraction units with gas volume flows of up to 30,000 m³/h and a pressure difference of 600 mbar (absolute) are already possible.


Mine gas extraction units with liquid ring vacuum pumps

Mine gas extraction units with liquid ring vacuum pumps are often used for exploring new gas fields and for hazard protection and serve to transport explosive gases from Zone 0.

The safe operation of gas extraction units is guaranteed with the following monitoring systems:

  • Monitoring the minimum fluid levels in the process fluid reservoirs
  • Monitoring the process fluid temperature
  • Pressure monitoring (intake and outlet)
  • Deflagration prevention with temperature sensors on the intake and outlet
  • Gas analysis: CH4, CO2, O2
  • Remote data transfer and process visualization
  • Continuous data recording

    Our Services

  • Risk prevention and potential monitoring with mobile Units
  • Mine gas extraction stations in standardized containers or stationary Units
  • Gas cooling, drying and purification
  • Analytical systems to measure gas for CH4-, O2- a CO2-concentrations – Recording of all important parameters such as pressure, temperature, and volume flow
  • Online monitoring with process visualization and data Transmission
  • Detailed unit planning
  • Risk analysis / explosion protection document

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