TAR / Shutdown Management

Wastewater and waste air treatment within a turnaround

Allocation of responsibility to several contractors may increase the risk for misunderstandings.
Why should you take this risk?
With us you have only one responsible and experienced contractor for wastewater & waste air treatment, including a 24/7 full service, from task assessment to after-sales.
While you can fully focus on your core business, we ensure a smooth operation of your shutdown!


Our mobile solutions:

  • BROCKHAUS SWS           for temporary cleaning of polluted water and air
  • BROCKHAUS SARA          for polluted vacuum truck off-gas
  • BROCKHAUS CPI             to separate oil & volatile liquids without emissions


Supplemented by:

  • 24/7 Full-Service
  • Monitoring of the cleaning plants
  • BROCKHAUS equipment, e.g.:
    • Ex-protected pumps & blowers
    • Deflagration arresters
    • UPE- & stainless steel hoses
    • Heat exchangers, water chillers
  • Highly qualified and trained personnel (engineering, project management & service technicians)
  • Complete documentation
  • Mobile storage tanks