Environmental technology

BROCKHAUS Environment provides mobile plug & safe solutions for wastewater and waste air treatment for the petrochemical industry within day-to-day business and TAR.

For temporary cleaning of polluted water and air:

For polluted vacuum truck off-gas:

To separate volatile liquids without emissions:

For monitoring and control of the cleaning plants:
BROCKHAUS Monitoring

To ensure a smooth shutdown:
BROCKHAUS TAR / Shutdown Management

We see ourselves as your full-service partner, fully supporting you from project planning and plant design to after-sales service.

Beyond that, with us you have:

  • Someone, who fits his modular equipment optimally to the specific task on your site.
  • The certainty of obtaining measurable results that prove e.g. our cleaning performance to you and/or the authorities.
  • The possibility to receive a complete & detailed documentation, such as P&ID or others, on short notice.
  • A CO2 neutral contractor with profound knowledge for wastewater & exhaust air treatment within the petrochemical industry.

In summary, the ideal partner for day-to-day business and the TAR at your side, so you can focus fully on your core business!

Here you will find a selection of our references and certifications.