Vacuum trucks are in use in the petrochemical industry day by day.
The off gas from their vacuum pump is often highly polluted and must be cleaned before its released to the atmosphere, which is mostly done by gas scrubbers.

Our solution to do this job is called BROCKHAUS SARA, plug & safe!

So, why does it make sense using SARA, what are the unique advantages?


  • Shortly with EC type-examination certificate, ex protection for the whole system!
  • Removes up to 99,9 % of a wide range of pollutants (e.g. VOC, H₂S, NH3, Hg), even combinations of pollutants
    • Compliance with Netherland “NeR” or German “TA-Luft”
  • Constant gas & temperature analysis with data storage & remote transmission
    • Proof of the cleaning performance
    • No risk for sudden filter breakthrough
  • N2 inerting as safety system when limit values are exceeded


For further information, have a look on our short video or get in touch with us!

BROCKHAUS SARA – Mobile vacuum truck off-gas treatment unit


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