Digital Regulation for MPG 200

  • Form factor deviation <0,5% for entire amplifier band width
  • Regulation of measurements with “free curves”
  • Regulated PWM signals
  • Closed loop control from 3 Hz up to 20 kHz
  • Sinusoidal induction @ 2 T with Epstein frame with FF of 1.111
  • Optimal signal regulation for measurement of amorphous material and small ferrite rings

Operating principle

The hardware kit for digital control of the measurement setup optimized the form factor of 1.111 ±1 % for signal regulation required in the international standards like IEC or ASTM.

Over the entire amplifier band width the deviation is < 0.5 %.

A sinusoidal excited Epstein measurement at 2 Tesla is showing a form factor of exactly 1.111. Measurements with “free waveforms” and controlled PWM signals are also optimized via the digital control.

Especially in critical measurements of very low frequency or frequencies in the kHz range provides digital control a perfect signal control. Also measurements with customized special coils, e.g. for amorphous materials will be optimized.

The hardware kit can be upgraded into existing electrical sheet measuring systems of type MPG-200.