Inline Mesasuring EBA Coil

  • Monitoring and documentation of the soft magnetic properties of electrical steel
  • Inline-Mesasuring Coil for coil width up to 1300 mm
  • Integrated direct into production line
  • Measurement of specific hysteresis loss and peak induction
  • High reproducibility and measuring accuracy

The EBA Inline measuring coil is a double yoke system, which is installed directly into the production line. The material is passed continously through the coil by a defined speed. The field measurement is done by using a tangential field sensor construction. This allows a position compensation of the measured material inside the measuring gap. The responding magnetic field inside the material can be determined very accurate by this method.

Technical data

Construction:double yoke, exciting and measuring coils
and a tangential field sensor construction
Weight:1540 kg
Coil width:max. 1300 mm
Coil Thickness:0,3 mm to 1,1 mm

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