Magnetostriction Tester MST 500

  • Measurement of elongation in soft magnetic materials due to external magnetic field
  • Supplementary module for BROCKHAUS electrical sheet measuring systems
  • Optical measurement with laser unit
  • Highly accurate measurement and repeatability
  • Comprehensive software programme for measurement and evaluation
  • Integration into superordinated QM-systems

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Operating principle

The magnetostriction tester is a supplementary module for connection to BROCKHAUS electrical sheet measuring systems. Magnetostriction is one of the causes of buzzing which arises during the operation of transformers. In a single sheet sensor the measuring sample is exposed to a defined external magnetic
field. Magnetic domains within the sample change with increasing magnetization which results in elongation. With the aid of a laser-supported longitudinal measuring system the elongation is recorded and displayed via a software programme. A vibration-free table is used to avoid external interference factors. The laser technology used enables the implementation of this device both in research and development and for industrial applications. The length information measured by the laser system is sampled simultanously together with the voltage and current signals of the electrical field. This avoids phase differences between polarisation and magnetostriction effect. The length information can be shown graphically or exported to ASCII and Excel.

Technical details

Application:testing electrical steel, e.g in the construction of transformers
Strip coil:field strength up to 10 000 A /m; polarization up to 2 Tesla
Dimensions of samples:600 mm x 100 mm x 1.5 mm (L x W x H)
Laser Interferometer:operating distance 30 – 70 mm, 230 mm; laser beam Ø 12 – 30 μm, 100 μm
Measuring table:pneumatic system, 550 Pa; working area 900 mm x 1 200 mm
Contents:single sheet sensor 500 x 100, laser interferometer, vibration-free table, electrical supply kit, software programme
Power supply:220 V, 50 Hz


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