Segment Measuring ARC 200

Segment Measuring ARC 200

  • Determination of magnetical characteristics of permanent magnet segments
  • Measurement in open and closed magnetic circle
  • Integrated measuring coils (depending on system)
  • Values in Wb, Vs, kA/m, Mx, Oe, T, G
  • MAG-Expert software for control and evaluation
  • Integration into QM systems

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Operating principle

Customized measuring pole shoes for the determination of magnetical characteristics of permanent magnet segments.
Measurement in closed and open magnetic circle (according to “Bosch”- standard)
Display of measured values in closed magnetic circle mode:
Remanence, coercive field strength, maximum energy product, maximum field strength, maximum polarisation, hysteresis curve.

Display of measured values in open magnetic circle mode according to “Bosch”-standard:
magnetic flux of sample, demagnetization curve, hysteresis curve.
Samples under test will be magnetized up to saturation and, after this, demagnetized according to defined guidelines.
Calibration of the system by means of reference magnets or other suitable methods.
Software package MAG-Expert for presetting of measuring parameters and evaluation of results.

Technical data:Segment Measuring
Segment measuring head:customized, with integrated flux-/ field coil
Usable equipment:BROCKHAUS Hystograph with electromagnet EM 1800
Maximum field strength:1500 – 1800 kA/m (depending on air gap), optional 2500 kA /m
Measuring coil:pole coil, field coil, (depending on the system being integrated into measuring head)
Power supply (Hystograph):0 to ± 125 V, 0 to ± 25 A, optional to ± 50 A
Measurement:in combination with the BROCKHAUS Hystograph in closed magnetic circle or in an air gap according to “Bosch”-standard
Software:MAG-EXPERT for Windows
Housing:19″ container
Dimension:760 mm x 1760 mm x 800 mm (length x width x height)
Mains supply:3 x 200 – 3 x 400 V, 16 A, 50 – 60 Hz