AC/DC Hystograph HG 200 AC

  • Measurement of all magnetic materials (hard magnetic AlNiCo, ferrite, SmCo, NdFeB, plastic composite; soft magnetic: electrical steel, ferrite …etc.)
  • Measurement with constant flux alteration d/dt or sinusoidal polarization
  • Measurement with J-compensated surrounding coils, pole or field coils or strip measuring coil, ring core sensor, punched part sensor, Epstein frame, sheet measuring coil
  • Measurement at higher temperatures up to 200°C
  • Fully computer-controlled measuring system
  • Real time display of hysteresis during the measuring process
  • BROCKHAUS® MAG Expert software for measurement, presentation and integration into QM systems
  • Windows desktop

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Operating principles

Determination of the characteristic properties of all magnetic materials.

Measuring process according to IEC 60404 ff. or to customer specifications.

Highly accurate measurements with very good reproducibility. Process-controlled monitoring and regulation of the increase in current.

When measuring hard magnetic materials the process runs with constant flux alteration d/dt and avoids interference caused by eddy currents and phase displacement between the field strength and polarization measurement.

With soft magnetic materials the measurement takes place with sinusoidal induction. Processing of the measured values with MAG/MPG Expert software for measurement, display and integration into QM systems.

Consists of measuring table with power supply unit and measuring electronics, electromagnet, Epstein frame, measuring system and computer hardware with MAG/MPG Expert evaluation software.

For measuring permanent magnets: J-compensated coils with a thickness of 1mm and diameters of 10 – 40 mm, pole measuring coils with diameters of 3 – 9 mm, as well as special sizes and shapes.

For measuring soft magnetic materials: SST measuring sensors for the quality control of strips, sheets, slit strips in all manufacturing widths; no complex sample preparation required.

Punched part sensor for nondestructive testing of punched parts in all geometries, e.g. when testing punched parts for motors. Ring core testing module for testing the magnetic properties of ring cores, stators or transformers directly on the component under manufacturing conditions.

Technical Details

Technical Data:AC/DC Hystograph HG 200 AC
Measuring fixture:2 free of drift fluxmeters F 01
Measuring coils:surrounding coils, pole coils, field coils
Power supply:0 to ± 125 V, 0 to ± 25 A (50 A optional)
Electromagnet:interchangeable with a maximum diameter of 92 mm
Measuring poles:< ± 1 µVs/minute
Computer:PC, monitor, printer
Software:MAG/MPG Expert under Windows
Cabinet:measuring table with container
Dimensions:760 x 1760 x 800 mm (height X width X depth)
Mains supply:3 x 200 – 3 x 400 V AC, 16 A 50 / 60 Hz


Usable Coils for hard magnetic materials

Field Coil
Surrounding Coil
Electro Magnet

Usable Coils for soft magnetic materials

Epstein Frame
Single Sheet Tester
Stator Tester BST-M
Punched Part Sensor