Research and Development

As a market leader we continuously seek to match the future needs of our customers. Hence we dedicate significant resources to research and product development. Due to our innovative culture and work approach we frequently gain access to private-public research programs, as well as cooperations with highly regarded universities and institutes.

Our company’s vision states that “we constantly strive for a better understanding of our customers“ and that „this understanding enables us to optimize our performance.“ All our research is dedicated to improving the competitive edge of our current and future customers. We are convinced that „through this we will become a partner to our customers“ in times of rapid evolution in the fields of energy efficiency and e-mobility.

If you aspire to make measurements for which you believe that there is no solution in the market, please contact us!


Eddy Current Loss in Magnets
Epstein Frame under Temperature
Radial Compression System










Rotational Power Loss System
SST under Stress and Temperature
Surface Compression System










Amorphous Magnetostriction
Magnetostriction of Amorphous under Stress










Posters and Publications

An Investigation into the Geometric Parameters affecting Field Uniformity in Four Pole Magnetisers
Damping in Magnetostriction Measurments performed on Samples under Stress
Influence of the magnetic properties of yoke material on standard SST measurements on electrical steel
Electrical Machine Magnetic Properties Characterization Setup for Aerospace Application


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Magnet Know-How
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