Inline Measuring System EBA

  • Monitoring and documentation of the soft magnetic properties of electrical steel
  • Continuous inline quality control
  • Inline measurement of specific hysteresis losses and induction peak
  • Parallel data capture systems for H and J
  • Absolutely simultaneous measuring process
  • High reproducibility and measuring accuracy
  • Programme-controlled operation
  • BROCKHAUS® EBA-Expert software for measurement, presentation and integration into QM systems

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Operating principle

The measuring system consists of a measuring and processing unit together with a double yoke system with all the required coils (exciting coil, secondary coil, tangential field coil). The double yoke system is installed in the production line. The material to be measured is fed through this unit.

In order to assign the measured and documented values clearly to one electrical steel coil the measuring system is able to administrate material identification data. Digital signals for the start and end of the measurement can be processed from the measuring system itself in order to track the material during production.

Incorporation of the values for polarization and field; calculation of the values for hysteresis loss. Graphic display of the values over the whole length of the steel strip. Comparison of the values achieved with the nominal values. All non-permissible values are saved as statistical anomalies.

Via the operating software parameters can be set for any number of measuring programmes and any type of sheet can be calibrated. The software enables quick integration into quality data documentation. Documentation of the position where faults are identified (tolerances exceeded) and an identification line over the whole length of the strip.


  • Power amplifier up to max. 4 KW
  • Measuring unit (16-bit microprocessor) and superordinated PC for process visualisation.
  • Digital inputs are separated optically for process signals, analogue outputs and analogue inputs (measuring the secondary and field coil signals of the measuring coils)
  • Serial interfaces for linking to a superordinated QM system
  • Operational component for installation in the production line: 17?-VGA monitor, operating keyboard suitable for industrial applications

Technical data

Repeatability:better than 0,5 %
Comparability of the measuring results:statistically ± 2 % against Epstein measurement
Maximum field strength:10.000 A/m
Continuous setting accuracy:better than 1,0 %
Maximum rate:300 m/min
Maximum width of strip:1.300 mm
Power supply:3 x 400 V AC, 50 Hz (standard)

Usable Coils

Inline Mesasuring EBA Coil

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