Stator Tester BST-SA

  • Non-destructive testing of the magnetic properties of stators
  • Quality control of unwound stators in seconds, irrespective of size
  • Fully automatic measuring station, safety light barrier
  • Time-consuming manual preparation of samples is no longer necessary
  • Integration into production line, 100 % testing possible
  • Interactive recording of measuring data which can be saved in external programmes
  • Identification of all relevant measuring values


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Operating principle

The testing station consists of a testing cage made from aluminium profiles. The front section is fitted with a safety light shield. This guarantees very quick operating processes. The stator package is fixed via a horizontal drill hole into a small prism. When the area of the safety light barrier is clear the testing process can be started by using the start button. Then a u-shaped bracket with 23 windings moves into the stator and makes contact with the opposite side. The measurement is started with a start signal. If the measuring result is positive (the stator corresponds to the norm) the u-shaped bracket recedes and the measuring sample can be removed. If the result is negative (the stator does not meet the norm) the u-shaped bracket remains closed – a lamp lights up – and can only be released by activating a switch manually.

Measuring categories

  • Specific hysteresis loss [W/kg]
  • Maximum polarisation [T]
  • Effective polarisation [T]
  • Maximum field strength [A/m]
  • Effective field strength [A/m]
  • Remanence [T]
  • Coercive field strength [A/m
  • Permeability
  • Spezific apparent output [VA/kg]
  • AC hysteresis curve

The measured values are displayed on a monitor and can be printed out. Transmission to the PC is possible via an ARCNET interface. BROCKHAUS® MPG Expert 2.x software controls the equipment and displays the results (Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP).

Technical data:Stator Tester BST-SA
Selectable measuring frequencies:12 Hz – 100 Hz (in 0.1 Hz steps)
Selectable field strength:10 A/m – 10.000 A/m
Induction:100 mT – 2 T
Repeatiability:better 1 % ( ± 1digit)
Comparability of measuring results:according to IEC 60404-3
Maximum current:± 105 A
Maximum voltage:± 32 V
Coil connectors:3
Operating mode:PC | software
Power supply:105 – 125 V AC or 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.6 kVA

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