Stator Tester BST-FA

  • Fully automated Stator Tester
  • 100% quality check in production line
  • Short cycle time
  • Relative magnetic properties of the tested stator
  • High repetitive accuracy
  • BROCKHAUS® MPG Expert software for measurement, presentation and integration into QM systems

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Operating principle

Operating principle

Automated measurement system measures stator and rotor stacks of defined size and allows a 100% testing in an automated production line. The software compares the measured results with a reference value and bad stacks can be sorted out automatically. In general power loss and/or permeability are measured at a certain working point (polarization value). Measuring cycle takes 3 to 15 seconds.

Stator and Rotor core sensor to measure magnetic properties on defined test specimen for 100% quality check. The sensor is to be connected to the measuring system MPG 200D-BST-FA. The stator stack will be positioned by a handling system (not part of supply) into the correct measuring position. Then a u-shaped bracket with primary (excitation) and secondary (sensing) windings moves into the stator and makes contact with the opposite side. Measurement starts automatically.

Technical Data

System:Stator Tester BST-FA
Measuring frequencies:3 Hz to 20 kHz
Field strengthselectable 1 A/m up to 30000 A/m
Polarization:1 mT up to 2 T
Adjustment precision:better than 0.2%
Repeatability:better than 0.3%
Cycle Time:3 to 15 seconds per Stator
Power supply:3 x 400 V AC, neutral, PE

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