Magnetizing Technology

Magnetizing Technology

During many years of international cooperation with specialists in industry, research and development BROCKHAUS has earned a reputation as a competent partner in hard and soft magnetic material testing. BROCKHAUS measuring systems stand for precision, reliability and user-friendliness.

BROCKHAUS measuring instruments

The pulse measuring instruments in the MAG series operate on the principle of capacitor discharge. The instruments enable the magnetization, adjustment, and also the discharging of all anisotropic and isotropic magnetic materials in all usual sizes. As well as raw magnets complete workpieces can be magnetized with the magnets integrated in these units.


  • Energy from 600 W to 30 kW
  • 2 kV magnetizing voltage
  • max. 35 kA magnetizing current
  • Measurement of the pulse current
  • Monitoring of the magnetization current
  • Potential-free interfaces
  • Potential-free inputs and outputs
  • Temperature measurement of the connected magnetizing device

It goes without saying that BROCKHAUS also manufactures individual, custom-made magnetizing instruments and devices.