Gaussmeter BGM 201

Gaussmeter BGM 201

  • Digital precision Gaussmeter for determining the magnetic field strength of permanent magnets and systems
  • High accuracy of ± 0.05 %
  • Measurement of magnetizing pulses up to 30 kHz
  • Digital filter for AC-measurement with high attenuation
  • Capacitive touch-screen for user-friendly measurement
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Application in laboratories and in production lines

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Operating principle

The use of BROCKHAUS Gaussmeter ensures a user-friendly measurement of magnetic fields by using the Hall measurement principle. The measurement of the Hall voltage generated in a Hall sensor behaves proportional to the applied magnetic field. The BGM 201 impresses with its intuitive operation via touchscreen and individually adjustable display views. The results can be displayed in preferred measuring units as Gauss, Tesla, Oersted or A/m. The corrected Analogue output reproduces the exact display value. Similarly, the field and Temperature measurement are recorded via the probe input. All functions can be read or controlled via the front of the device. This measurement technique is used for the testing of magnetic materials in the field of Sensors and Automotive. It is an integral part of the control
ongoing production and the production of DC motors.

Technical Data: Gaussmeter BGM 201
Measurement Method: Measurement of the Hall voltage
Display: Multicolour Touchscreen TFT 800 x 480 px
Measuring range: 4 mT, 40 mT, 400 mT, 4 T, AUTO
Measuring unit: Tesla, Gauss, Oersted, A/m
Measuring frequency: DC, AC bis 30 kHz (True RMS)
Measuring accuracy: ±0,05 % for DC and ±0,1 % AC
Repeatability: ±0,1 %
Measuring speed: 10 Measurements/s at Display
100 Measurements/s via USB-Interface
(up to 300 Measurements saved in Data Buffer)
Range selection: automatically or manually
Features: – Max / Min hold
– Alarm
– Relative measurements
– Auto zero Function
– Data transfer to PC
Temperature range: 0 °C – 85 °C
Analogue Output corrected ±10V
Interface: USB
Dimension: W 260 mm x H 110 mm x D 260 mm
Power Supply: 115-230V AC 50/60Hz

Available Accessories

Hall Probes
Hall Probes
Zero Chamber
Zero Chamber
Reference Magnet
Reference Magnet

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