Power Amplifier PA 100

Power Amplifier PA 100

  • Mobile power amplifier
  • AC/DC 4-quadrant amplifier
  • DC to 20 kHz
  • Output current max. 52 A ±100 V
  • Extensive service functions
  • Intergrated in 19″ mobile cabinet

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Specially designed for measuring and test equipment with inductive loads. Especially applicable for measuring equipment for magnetic properties in the frequency range between DC and 20 kHz. Applications in e. g. research and development, automatic process control, quality control and incoming inspection in the field of magnetic components, motor testing, inductive loads and others. The AC/DC 4-quadrant amplifier works as an independent amplifier with integrated power supply and safety features. Modular system for different power ranges between 1.5 and 4 kVA.

Technical data:Power Amplifier PA 100
Supply voltage:3 x 400V/N/PE 50 Hz (others available), max. 5.2 kVA
Input voltage:± 10 V AC/DC
Output voltage:± 100 V AC/DC
Load:Ohm resistive load & inductive (coils)
Output current:max. 52 A peak (modular construction)
Frequency range:DC to 20 kHz
Security and protection functions:FI, EMV-filter, emergency stop, automatic fuse, excess voltage and over-current limit, short-circuit proof
Model:Mobile 19″ container
Dimension:DxWxH 900 x 550 x 680 mm, weight: 120 kg