Magnetizers MAG 2000

  • Energy: 600 W – 30 kW
  • Metal paper capacitor
  • Maximum 2000 V
  • Maximum 35000 A
  • Modular construction
  • Measurement of pulse current
  • Current display and monitoring of the magnetizing current
  • LCD display (illuminated)
  • Clear user commands
  • Dust-resistant plastic foil keypad
  • Potential-free serial interface
  • Potential-free inputs and outputs for connecting to external controls
  • Various categories of housing protection/insulation
  • Temperature measurement of the magnetizing device
  • Self-testing with safety control (comprehensive safety functions)
  • Software updates via serial interface
  • Switching of different capacities possible (optional)
  • Manual or automatic selection of magnetizing pulse
  • External foot- or hand-operated switch
  • Magnetizing devices with standard dimensions (selection of axial coils)
  • Custom-made magnetizing devices
  • Connection of measuring instruments such as Gaussmeters and fluxmeters

Operating principles

The MAG series measuring instruments enable the magnetization, adjustment and demagnetisation of all anisotropic and isotropic magnetic materials in all usual sizes. In particular it is possible to magnetize all highly coercive magnetic materials such as Sm2Co17 or plastic composite NdFeB magnets easily and with short pulse intervals. Raw magnets as well as complete workpieces can be magnetized with the magnets integrated into these units.

The systems are suitable for three-shift application in automated production and for use at individual hand-operated workbenches. Depending on the type of housing the systems can be used without any problems both in polluted environments (e.g. in magnet production) and in clean rooms (e.g. in the manufacture of hard disc drives).

Technical data:Magnetizer MAG 2000
Energy:600 W to 30 kW; optionally the energy can be adjusted by switching over the capacitors
Capacitor bar:bi-polar metal paper capacitors
Display:graphic LCD 125 mm x 35 mm, illuminated
Keypad:dust-resistant plastic foil keypad
Voltage:max. 2000 V
Voltage measurement:200 to 2000 V with an accuracy of ± 5V
Current display:Output current is measured and displayed during magnetization. Via the operating unit the minimum and maximum default settings can be fixed. When these are exceeded the system switches off.
Pulse form:Sinusoidal, exponential and discharge pulse
Outputs:one high current output
Measurement of current:accuracy of 1%. To evaluate the magnetizing process/ pulse procedure a potential-free analogue output is available.
Output impedance:Type 4mH / 10 m2
Pulse rise:d/dt is max. 250 A/ms
Charging performance:depending on the required pulse time 3 different charging performances can be selected: 600 Watts,1800 Watts and 3600 Watts.
Temperature monitoring:The temperature of the magnetizing device is measured and displayed. When the prescribed default settings are reached an error message is emitted and the system switches off.