Electrical Steel Tester MPG 200

MPG 200

  • Determination of the magnetic properties of electrical steel and other soft magnetic materials
  • Free configuring with specific measuring coil systems
  • Parallel connection of up to12 measuring coil systems
  • Fully digitalized data documentation
  • Measuring coil systems and evaluation according to IEC 60404 ff and ISO ASTM for measurement with Epstein frame and sheet measuring coil
  • Very fast measurements
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic coil changeover for convenient operation
  • Module for measurement of rings, ring strip cores, stacked laminations, etc.
  • BROCKHAUS® MPG Expert software for measurement, presentation and integration into QM systems
  • Software options: free curves, DC bias offset, pulse-width modulation signals, higher harmonics

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Operating principle

In a measuring coil a material sample is exposed to a defined magnetic field and magnetic flux is created in the sheet steel. The required electric current is supplied by a power amplifier. The current is measured by means of a temperature-stable, low inductivity precision resistor (shunt) or via field coils.

Determination of the polarization is by sampling of the induced voltage, conversion and integration. Parallel recording of the H and J sizes with separate analogue-digital converters guarantees absolutely simultaneous measurement. From the differentiated and integrated parameters the processor system can calculate all the above-mentioned values.

Measurement is by means of sinusoidal polarization. By using a control algorithm the secondary voltage can be checked and constantly regulated in accordance with the nominal value. Optionally excitation on the primary side is possible with free curves or PWM signals. The nominal voltage is supplied by a highly stable, digital frequency generator. Amplitude and frequency are set by software according to the sample data entered and the default values. Operation, measurements and evaluation are via the MPG Expert Software which enables completely free parametrization and combination of the measuring processes. MPG Expert runs on Windows XP and higher.

Additional software packages are available for individual measuring operations such as DC bias offset, pulse-width modulation signals, free curves and higher harmonics.

Measuring coil systems

  • Epstein frame for frequencies of 50 Hz / 60 Hz according to IEC 60404-2
  • Epstein frame for frequencies of 400 Hz according to IEC 60404-2
  • Epstein frame for frequencies above 400 Hz
  • C 510 measuring coil for punched parts, cuts and strip
  • Single strip measuring coil for Epstein strips, following IEC 60404-3
  • Single sheet measuring coil according to IEC 60404-8-7 (500 x 500 mm)
  • Module for rings, transformer cores and stators
  • Custom-made Epstein frames, single sheet and single strip measuring coils

Operation, Measurement and Evaluation

MPG Expert software for easy operation of the instruments enables completely free parametering and structuring of the measuring processes. MPG Expert runs under Windows XP and higher.

Technical data:Electrical Steel Tester MPG
Repeatability:0,1 %
Comparability of the measured results:according to IEC 60404-ff.
Setting accuracy of the nominal value:according to IEC 60404-ff.
Maximum current:± 52 A
Maximum voltage:± 100 V
Coil connectors:up to 12 coils parallel
Operating mode:PC / software
Model:table or cabinet version
Measuring frequency:3 Hz – 20 kHz (optional DC),
DC with adjustable rise time for primary signals and flux alteration control d?/dt
Optional for higher harmonics 10 kHz up to 100 kHz [in combination wiht additional amplifier ± 10 A / 50 V])
Polarisation:1 mT to max. 2 T (in steps of 0,001 T)
Adjustment precision:better 0,1 %
Power supply:3 x 400 V AC, neutral, PE

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