Rotational Power Loss Tester RPT

Rotational Power Loss Tester RPT

  • Magnetic properties testing under rotational magnetizing fields
  • Two dimensional alternating measurements
  • Fully digitalized data acquisition & digital waveform control
  • Measurement conditions:
    – circular
    – elliptical
    – alternating (fixed angle)
  • Real time display of measurement results
  • Skalierbarer Vektor- und Konturplot bis 3D
  • BROCKHAUS® RPT Expert Software

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Operating principle

A considerable part of the total magnetic losses in electrical machines are losses caused by rotational field, which are associated with the magnetisation processes quite different from those in unidirectional alternating field.

BROCKHAUS has developed the Rotational Power Loss Tester, which is an equipment to measure the magnetic properties under rotational field. Therefore, in the case of two dimensional measurements, especially under rotational flux, the vector components of the flux density B are kept sinusoidal in time t. By adjusting the amplitude and the phase of the components, every mode of polarization can be achieved in the range from purely alternating flux in an arbitrary direction with respect to the rolling direction, to purely rotational flux with constant angular velocity including circular or elliptically rotation.

Operating principlepurely magnetization

The following measurement results are determined:

  • Rotational Power Loss / Alternating losses for uniaxial directions
  • Vector Components Jx, Jy, Hx, Hy
  • Angle between H and B vectors
  • Polar Diagrams of J and H
  • Angular speed of the resulting flux density vector
  • Hysteresis curves
  • Coercivity
  • Remanence


  • Research (Universities, Research Institutes, etc.)
  • Automotive (Electrical Steel Producers, Electrical Motor Producers, etc.)
  • Quality Control

Technical Data

Repeatability:0,1 %
Comparability of the measured results:according to IEC 60404-ff.
Setting accuracy of the nominal value:according to IEC 60404-ff.
Maximum current:± 52 A
Maximum voltage:± 100 V
Operating mode:PC / software
Model:cabinet version
Measuring frequency:3 Hz – 20 kHz
Optional DC – only in MPG mode, with adjustable rise time for primary signals and flux alteration control dB/dt.
Optional for higher harmonics frequency range from 10 kHz up to 100 kHz [in combination with additional amplifier ± 10 A / 50 V]
Polarisation:1 mT to max. 2 T (in steps of 0,001 T)
Adjustment precision:better than 0,1 %
Power supply:3 x 400 V AC, neutral, PE