Single Sheet Sensor SST 500×500

  • Double yoke measuring sensor system
  • For the quality control of single sheet electrical steel in 500 x 500mm format
  • Construction according to IEC 60404-3
  • Contra-inductivity to compensate air flux
  • Mechanical yoke operation
  • Pole areas parallel to surface
  • Protected against electrical overloading
The BROCKHAUS sheet measuring sensor corresponds to the provisions of the IEC standard 60404-8-7. The lower yoke and upper yoke enclose the body of the sensor with windings required for the primary and secondary coils. The measuring sensor constructed in this way is firmly integrated into a metal housing and corresponds to the IEC standard with regard to dimensions and construction. The upper yoke is raised mechanically in order to insert the sample into the measuring sensor. The used mechanism ensures that the upper yoke is lowered steadily and evenly.

Technical data

Construction:special housing with double yoke, exciting and measuring coils
Windings:5 x primary 400 Cu Ð 1.06 mm 1 x secondary 400 Cu Ð 1.0 mm
Measuring frequencies:3 Hz to 100 Hz
Field strength:1 A/m to 10.000 A/m*
Polarization:0.001 T to 2 T**
Probe mass:max. 1.5 kg
Sample dimensions:500 x 500 mm

* Depending on the electrical steel measuring instrument selected ** Depending on the quality of the electrical steel being tested

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