Stator Tester BST-M

  • For quality control of stators, rings or transformer cores
  • Testing in alternating fields
  • Optional: quick sample changing mechanism

With the BROCKHAUS ring core testing module the magnetic properties of stators, rings and transformer cores can be determined directly on the component under manufacturing conditions. Tests in alternating fields are carried out in strict accordance with international standards with regard to precision and setting accuracy.

Technical data

Construction:ring measuring unit with connecting clip or, optionally, quick-release fastener
Number of windings:1 – 30, according to sample size
Field strength:depending on the length of the magnetic path
Polarization:max. 2 Tesla**

** Depending on the quality of the electrical steel being tested

Stator Tester sensors

Stator Tester BST-SA
Stator Tester BST-FA
Stator Tester BST-L

Further sensors

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