• Fully automated Epstein testing incl. cutting and robotic handling
  • According to Measuring Standard IEC 60404-2
  • 24hrs/day, 365 days/year operation
  • high repetitive accuracy
  • BROCKHAUS® MPG Expert software for measurement, presentation and integration into QM systems

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Operating principle

The fully automatic Epstein analyse equipment includes the cutting, transportation of Epstein strips as well as the automatic loading, measuring and unloading of complete sets of Epstein strips into and out of an Epstein frame using the electrical steel tester MPG. Stacking Factor measurement is part of the described system. An output of up to 600 samples per day is possible with . (depending on individual design)

All measurements with the MPG are performed under the conditions described in the IEC and other international standards mentioned above to ensure the reproducibility required for the comparison of results obtained with different measuring devices. Therefore all types of equipment control the wave form of the secondary voltage in order to achieve a sinusoidal secondary voltage with a form factor of 1.111 ±1 %: This is necessary to measure magnetic materials under identical conditions. The measuring processes are controlled by highly stable, crystal – controlled digital function generators. This enables a very good frequency and amplitude stability to be achieved which ensures that the BROCKHAUS systems have a high setting accuracy and produce measuring results with a high repetitive accuracy.

The handling system is working as described below:
1. Input of entry magazine trolley into the measuring system. The trolley contains minimum 2 sheets per Epstein set (one sheet cutted in rolling direction, one sheet cutted transverse to rolling direction)
2. Supply to shear and barcode reader, verification of number of sheets (double sheet control)
3. Cutting of single strips and marking of strips via Inkjet printer. The strips in and transverse to rolling direction form one bundle. Furthermore, the system is able to cut spare strips and to drop them taped into the output magazine trolley via a shortcut.
4. Transport to the balance via band storage
5. Weighing of the complete Epstein set (2 packs)
6. Transport to the Epstein frame
7. Loading of strips into Epstein frame
8. Rotation of Epstein frame to measuring position and measurement of magnetic properties
9. Removal from Epstein frame and stacking of Epstein sets
10. Transport to Stacking Factor Tester
11. Measurement of stacking factor
12. Transport to taping unit
13. Taping of Epstein set
14. File in output magzine trolley

Technical Data

System:Automatic Analysis Equipment Epstein
Measuring frequencies:3 Hz to 20 kHz
Field strengthselectable 1 A/m up to 30000 A/m
Polarization:1 mT up to 2 T
Adjustment precision:better than 0.2%
Repeatability:better than 0.3%
Measuring Method:acc. IEC 60404-2
Material:grain oriented and non grain oriented electrical steel
Sample size:Width: 250 mm;
Length: 320 mm;
Thickness: 0.25mm up to 0.65mm
Entrance magazine :Material for 100 Epstein sets
Power supply:3 x 400 V AC, neutral, PE

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