Profilograph PG 100

  • High precision thickness profile measurement
  • Material length up to 1500 mm (optional 2000 mm)
  • Laser or optional mechanical measuring sensors



Function PG 100

The operator loads a stack with up to 50 samples (number can be adjusted to customer needs). After closing the safety door the PC starts the program to measure all the samples from the stack. From the stack of samples a single sheet is lifted up and moved into the clamping device of the system. The measuring trolley has two scanning laser which are guided over the top and bottom of the material surface. The material always rests securely on the bottom of the measuring table.

The scanning laser are mechanically connected to a linear scale. A motor driven linear guided support is moving the laser over the material. Stable and reproducible measurements are made with the PROFILOGRAPH.

Owing to its sturdy design the PROFILOGRAPH only places very low demands on its location in a plant. Its uncomplicated operation takes very little time and is generally performed by the existing production staff.

Technical Details:

Length of material to be measured:max. 1 500 mm
Witdh of material to be measured:100 mm
Thickness of material to be measured:0,2 mm – 2 mm
Measurement accuracy (standard version):+/- 5 µm
Resolution:1 µm
Resolution of positioning system:0,5 mm
Speed of measurement:< than 30 seconds
Power supply:220 Volt
Compressed air:min. 6 bar

* PROFILOGRAPH is supplied to customer specifications, for the desired maximum material width, available for thickness > 15 mm as special design.