Coercimeter CFT 200

Coercimeter CFT 200

  • Coercivity measurement of soft magnetic materials
  • Fully digitalized data documentation
  • Measuring coil systems and evaluation according to IEC 60404-7
  • Very fast measurements
  • Easy to operate

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Operating principle

Measuring system to determine the coercive field strength of magnetic materials in an open magnetic circuit. A magnetic sample is placed in a coercimeter coil and magnetized up to saturation. The polarization is measured by fluxgate probes. Determination of coercive field strength is to be done by demagnetization of the sample till zero polarization is reached. The measured field strength at that point is the coercive field strength HcJ.

Operation, Measurement and Evaluation

Technical Details:Coercimeter CFT 200
Repeatability:better than
± 10 % for coercivities up to 5 A/m
± 5 % for coercivities up to 50 A/m
±2 % for coercivities up to 1 kA/m
±1 % for coercivities up to 160 kA/m
Comparability of the measured results:according to IEC 60404-7
Setting accuracy of the nominal value:according to IEC 60404-7
Magnetization field strength:up to 200 kA/m
(optional pulsed magnetization up to 450 kA/m)
Homogeneous field area:200×40 mm (coil ID=40mm)
Sensor:Fluxgates sensor elements
Operating mode:PC / software
Adjustment precision:better 0,1 %
Power supply:3x400V/N/PE 50Hz