• continuous monitoring of local variations in magnetic properties across the material width and length of electrical steel coils
  • in-line measurement device for annealing, inspection and slitting lines
  • generating a complete map of loss values for the entire electrical steel coil
  • applicable for grain-oriented and non-grain-oriented electrical steel

The Coil Mapping System (patent pending) is an extension to the EBA and provides additional information on the local magnetic properties of measured material. It comprises an extra set of measurement coils positioned across the width of the material within the EBA magnetising sensor.

Using the EBA-CoilMap will help to increase the quality of the end product by identifying low quality areas within a coil and cutting away those parts. It will save time by seeing all coil parameters live during production and before lab tests. This leads to optimize your production processes by identifying recurring local problems that may originate in earlier production steps.

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Technical Details

Material:Oriented and non-oriented electrical steel
Strip Thickness :0.1mm – 1mm
Strip Width:up to 1350mm
Effective Measurement
Area Width:
Strip Speed:0-300m/min
Strip Temperature:max. 50°C
Shift of strip:Horizontally: max. allowable from center position: ± 5mm,
Vertically: max. allowable from center position: 5mm

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