Brockhaus Messtechnik


Our customers work with magnetizable materials, hard magnetic (permanently magnetic) and soft magnetic. Most of these customers are manufacturers of electric motors, generators and transformers, but they also include producers of laminations made from electrical steel and manufacturers of electrical steel and hard magnetic materials. We also count research institutes and universities among our customers.

BROCKHAUS MESSTECHNIK has many years of experience and has acquired well-proven expertise in the field of testing electrotechnical materials. Working in close cooperation with our customers we have become the leading manufacturer in Europe of measuring systems for quality control of magnetic materials.

BROCKHAUS MEASUREMENTS supplies complete solutions for the field of magnetism.

  • Manufacture and sales of measuring instruments for hard and soft magnetic materials and of magnetizing devices.
  • Buying and selling of tested and calibrated used instruments.
  • Service such as measuring to order, calibration, magnetizing to order.
  • Also technological advice extending far beyond the product and application.

Where our customers use our technology:

  • Research and Development
  • Goods reception
  • Testing of samples when selecting new suppliers
  • Quality control during production
  • Optimization of production processes

BROCKHAUS MESSTECHNIK is an ISO-certified, globally oriented company and closely interlinked with the markets through representatives in many countries.